Ralph Baxter Discussing his Priorities about West Virginia


Creating New, High-Paying Jobs

As a businessman, I worked with decision makers at my firm and countless other companies as they determined critical business issues, such as where to locate facilities to derive optimal benefit for their stakeholders. As your congressman, I will put the lessons learned from those experiences to work for West Virginia.  Gone will be the days of your Congressman wishing and hoping jobs will relocate to the district.  Working with our communities, and local and state leaders, I will aggressively pursue innovative companies that place value in their workers by providing them with good wages and benefits. I know it can be done because I have done it: I presided over the process at Orrick that chose Wheeling for its groundbreaking operations center, moving hundreds of jobs to our state and spurring a revitalization of Wheeling’s downtown that continues today.

Ralph Baxter at Orrick

Leveling the Playing Field

West Virginians are accustomed to “doing more with less.” In fact, we are really good at it. For far too long West Virginia has been in or near the economic cellar of the United States. 

It is time to level the playing field so that all West Virginians get a fair chance to experience the American Dream. Not only do we need more jobs, but our taxes are also too high for working class West Virginians, health care is inaccessible or too expensive, and our children leave the state for opportunities elsewhere, perhaps never to return. We can build a better future for our people with common sense policies that address the issues that hold them back. I am committed to enacting such policies.

The Accessible Representative

As your congressman, I will always be available to you. The Constitution calls a member of Congress a “representative” for a reason; my job will represent you. That means you must be able to get in touch with me, which you always will be able to do.

I will spend as much time in the district, all 20 counties, as possible. I will participate in town halls and other public forums regularly, both so that you can share your views with me and so I can keep you posted on what I am confronting in Washington. I know from my visits with constituents over the last few months that many of you do not find access to your current congressman satisfactory; that will change if I am elected.

Equally as important, I will regard constituent services as an essential part of my job. I will always be there for you when you have a question about your dealings with the federal government.

Making Congress Work

No one new member of Congress will change it single handily. But each one who arrives committed to working for the people (as opposed to a political party or lobbyists) will make a difference. I will be a prominent example of one those members who make such a difference.  

A critical ingredient to a better functioning Congress is the ability to bring differing points of view together. In my business career, I built and led teams, and represented clients, throughout the country and beyond, learning valuable lessons about building a consensus among such diverse personalities and reconciling such diverse views. As your congressman, I will put those lessons to work for West Virginia.

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